The Millennial setback

This is to Employers and HR out there. What is it that you really seek when Hiring?

I find that many people my age termed the ‘Millennial’ truly do embrace the ‘Me’ attitude that the media so harshly describes us to. I as another millennial am annoyed by my millennial counterparts.

My parents raised me to believe that your work will speak for itself. But instead my dear Millennial friend, you harp on rooftops of how nobody could have done the job better than you did , calling for attention because you are ‘under so much pressure’ but not willing to share the workload because honestly (we can all see that) you don’t want to share the credit for it.

So, I impose a question onto sociey, Why do we allow this? Why do we politely smile and nod at these imbecile? Are we starting to  slowly believe them? Like a bad ad. Play it enough times, you will reach your boiling point and suddenly start to be convinced of its message.

Is it a tactic I should adopt in this rat race to ‘stand out’? is this our means of career growth?

Well, I cant fake it to make it. I wont fake it cause thats not me and thats not who I want to be.

So, Employers and HR take a second to realize that all of them are Lying. Dont hire them.


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